Fostering Adventures of Hope

Larry and Ginger Foster

We both grew up in the First Baptist church in Norman, Oklahoma. Ginger was a year behind Larry in school, and in high school we dated for about 18 months. We would go our seperate ways and have our own families. In late 2010 we would reconnect and were married in 2011. That begin our adventure together.

In 2017 we were cooks for our youth group at Falls Creek, God called us into missions. We didn't really know what that meant but we were pretty sure it meant moving away from the Bible belt. In 2018, God put the "x" on the map and we moved to Monte Vista, CO.

The missions calling would continue to evolve as in May of 2020 we planted Grace and Mercy Bible Fellowship in Monte Vista. Later that year Larry would take on the position of interim pastor at First Christian Church. The two churches started doing outreach events together and then started meeting together and in early 2023 the two merged to form Grace and Mercy Christian Church. Later that year we would leave our positions as pastors following God's call deeper into missions

What we do

Short term mission trips. These trips usually last a week and are evangelical in nature. You can see more about the trips we've been and on what we are planning to go on here.

Puppets. Ginger and Larry were in the same puppet group at First Baptist when they were in high school. Larry has written many original scripts and Ginger loves to use her sewing talents to make new costumes. The puppets love to get out and tell people about Jesus.

Sermons and Bible Studies

I have led Bible studies for over 20 years and spent three years as pastor of Grace and Mercy Christian Church (Monte Vista, Colorado). Here you can find a collection of my recorded sermons and teachings.

Mission Trips

Ginger and I go on short term internationl mission trips. Here you can find highlights, photos and videos from our previous trips as well as learning about our upcoming trips.


Ginger and I have a puppet ministry. Fun scripts with good messages and fun songs. We enjoy telling people about Jesus using puppets. Here you can find recordings of some of our productions.